Ingrid DVD


Ingrid is the third cinematic portrait in the Woman's Picture series, an ongoing, episodic collection of female-driven stories.

"It's been a good ten years since Ingrid has seen, let alone heard from, her mother. Now she's back, with friend Mackie in tow, bringing back all the old baggage. Her mother doesn't know what to make of the visit, or of Ingrid, who is much changed since they last saw each other. Both women struggle to find some middle ground, but the past muddies up the present, making connection virtually impossible. Ingrid has her reasons for this return, but even Mackie isn't let in on the secret. Confrontation seems inevitable, and though Ingrid ultimately gets what she came for, she leaves with a lot more than she expected."

Cast: Calpernia Addams, Ann Magnuson, Brian Pera, Sally Stover

DVD/2011/USA/30 mins./Color

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