Loretta eau de parfum  - purse spray

Loretta eau de parfum - purse spray


7 ml

Packaged in a travel sized, keepsake white atomizer

A rich oriental floral, Loretta references the spicy orientals and elegant floral classics of the seventies and eighties, with a modern twist. Loretta is an expressive fragrance built around a central tuberose orchestrated by roses and other white sensual flowers, jasmine and orange blossom, surrounded by the perfume of old and dark woods with a hint of suave leather. Oriental spices on a plate with ripe dark fruits add an air of mystery.

The story: 

Loretta is inspired by the second episodic short film of the same name in the Woman's Picture series. Like the film, Loretta the fragrance explores the way fantasy and reality inform each other in an interplay of light and dark impulses and energies. In the film, the character of Loretta, played by Amy LaVere, deals with a difficult, mysterious past by transforming it into a dream world of possibility and romantic adventure. The balance between the past and her fantastic reinvention of it is delicate, fraught with tensions, where childlike naivete and adult awareness twist and curl into increasingly complex sensual patterns. Fragrance becomes an important gateway into this transformed world.

Andy Tauer on Loretta: “Loretta is an incredibly sensual and erotic story, in which a daydream world becomes a powerful, seductive reality. In Loretta’s world there is music, dance, romantic intimacy, soft light and a natural, childlike shyness confronted with somewhat dark, adult realities. Loretta’s flower is tuberose, and I wanted this fragrance to be as dark and mysterious, as opulent and seductive as her reveries themselves.”

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