Miriam DVD


Miriam is the first cinematic portrait in the Woman's Picture series, an ongoing, episodic collection of female-driven stories.

"When Grant Stegner, director of programming at the QET Shopping Network, calls a meeting to discuss the format of her long running show, Miriam Masterson fears for her security at the station.  Things aren't going well at home, either.  Russell, her deadbeat boyfriend, checked out of the relationship some time ago.  Rose, her mother, was recently institutionalized.  Her viewers see her as the personification of a successful working woman, but Miriam's ability to juggle the pressures of work and family is showing signs of strain that might shock her loyal fans, and all the pieces seem to start falling at once around her."

Cast: Ann Magnuson, Gerald L'Ecuyer, Paul Provenza, Glenda Mace


DVD/2011/USA/30 mins./Color

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