Miriam eau de parfum - purse spray

Miriam eau de parfum - purse spray


7 ml 

Packaged in a travel sized, keepsake white atomizer.

Miriam references the heady, diffusive fragrances of the thirties and forties.  It is vintage in spirit but with a contemporary character.  A fragrance constructed in the tradition of classic perfumery, Miriam is the kind of fragrance they don’t make much anymore.

Notes: bergamot, sweet orange, geranium, violet blossom, rose, jasmine, ylang, violet leaf, lavender, vanilla, orris root, sandalwood.

The Story: Miriam The Perfume is inspired by the character “Miriam” from the Woman’s Picture Series. The host of a long running home shopping network program, Miriam is the on air confidante to millions of women across the country, who call in to her show regularly to discuss their personal lives and stories. Behind the scenes, Miriam is at odds with the men who run the studio, a motley crew of suits who don’t understand her touchy feely appeal. At home, she struggles with a layabout boyfriend. Her mother has just been put in a nursing home and stares blankly at Miriam during their daily visits, unable to speak. What Miriam would like more than anything is the one thing she can’t have: the name of her mother’s signature perfume. What’s left of the fragrance sits in an unlabeled Baccarat decant on the edge of Miriam’s vanity. When it’s gone, it will take a world of memories with it.

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